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Environmental Resources & Services is a company dedicated to provide your family,  home,office, or business with healthier living indoors with the  latest state of the art technologies for your...

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Thermal Infrared Camera

Save on Energy Cost - Heat Loss- Air leaks-identify why energy bills are costly or high than the usual. Flood, water leaks

Cold Air Infiltration for drafts by doors, windows, 

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Breathing in the spores from the air.Tiny spores reproduce and are invisible to the naked eye and float through indoor and outdoor air (these fungi are called fruiting bodies).

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Mold Testing  Mold Inspections  

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

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Mold Information

Council Certified Microbial Consultant 
Indoor Environmental Consultations
for Water Damage, Moisture, Mold, Allergens

Our highly trained mold inspectors have advanced certifications in mold testing and mold inspections. We provide indoor allergy tests, flood with water damage and moisture assessments. Our thorough inspections include a visual site inspection along with a protocol of mold sampling where and if needed. We utilize moisture meters for water and excess moisture and relative humidity detection, water losses and property damage for homes, offices, and business..

Consultations to provide solutions and goals to help identify the problem and minimize impact due to floods, storms, pipe leaks, high relative humidity or condensation. Environmental Resources is here to offer peace of mind for your home, business, office. We provide a thorough inspection to look and detect for black mold, allergenic mold, or pathogenic mold fungi. Indoor air testing and direct sampling, odor investigations, allergy assessments for pollen, dander, dust, and/or dust mites.  We can provide supervised independent oversight, support for mold remediation projects , post mold remediation verification following industry standards and guidelines. 

Quality service and detailed comprehensive mold & moisture reports including observations and considerations of the scope of work. Rapid turn around time for real estate or other emergency of mold samples from accredited A.H.I.A. and E.M.P.A.T.: Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing certified microbiological labs.   

Mold fungi and mold spores can affect your health such as those susceptible with asthma, allergies, your own home infested with mold contamination, excess water leaks, dampness, high relative humidity, and heating, ventilation,air conditioning - H.V.A.C. issues. Mold has no respect of where it grows providing the right temperature, nutrients, food source of porous materials and conditions of indoor environments. If you suspect mold inside your environment, moldy odors, musty moldy basement or crawlspace, attic, bathroom, bedroom, office, and more then call us, the mold  and moisture professional.  Special Assignments and Environmental Networking available upon request.

Mold Inspection

and Mold Testing


Mold Inspection and Tesing

Our Professional IAQ Environmental Mold Testing and Consulting Services 
Consultations are performed upon request in the areas of mold....

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Professional Services