Mold Inspection and Tesing

Breathing in the spores from the air.Tiny spores reproduce and are invisible to the naked eye and float through indoor and outdoor air (these fungi are called fruiting bodies).

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Water Damage Ceiling

Save on Energy Cost - Heat Loss- Air leaks-identify why energy bills are costly or high than the usual Cold Air Infiltration for drafts by doors, windows, and attics and vents in homes or buildings

Locate missing insulation in hidden walls and ceiling, trace roof leaks, ceiling and wall leaks from water and ice dams which can cause mold problems. Drafts from unsuspected places from firplaces, dryer vents, crawlpaces, basements, pipe stack effect and chases.

Water Damage-Pipe leaks-Condensation-Floods-Disasters-Hurricanes and Storm damage
Moisture Assessments - Identify significant temperature differential for hot and cold degrees and water infiltration due to pipe leaks, condensation build up to help find the cause of mold growth whether on the surface or hidden along with using other indoor air quality tools. Thermal Infrared Camera is not a "mold detector", but another tool to help identify such suspect problems for moisture intrusion using temperature differential. 

Thermal infrared imaging camera optimization is a non evavise, non destructive, cost effective approach to help identify hidden problems from walls and floor such as with defective radiant floor heat or broken pipe beind a wall in real time data. 

Thermal Infrared Camera is an excellent tool for property managers, facilities management, real estate transactions for weatherization, disaster restoration, heat loss, mold inspections, and moisture mapping.

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Thermal Infrared Camera

Thermal Infrared Imaging Camera Floods-Leaks-Heat Loss
Certified Flir Thermographer Building Envelope

Indoor Air Quality Testing-IAQ Consulting
Mold Detection-Mold Inspections-Mold Testing
Water Damage-Moisture-Odor-Flood- Assessments
Independent Mold Removal Supervision 

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About Us

Our Professional IAQ Environmental Mold Testing and Consulting Services 

Consultations are performed upon request in the areas of mold....

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Mold Information

Environmental Resources & Services is a company dedicated to provide your family,  home,office, or business with healthier living indoors with the  latest state of the art technologies for your...

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Ice Dams cause Interior Water Damage

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