Our Professional IAQ Environmental Mold Testing and Consulting Services

Consultations are performed upon request in the areas of mold testing, mold inspection, indoor air quality sampling methods in a non-cultural and/or cultural setting. We provide Networking steering your project in the right direct for solutions with indoor air quality and hazardous materials such as mold fungi. Supervision and assessments of mold remediation projects for verification purposes to bring back to a clean condition for water, mold, etc. . Provide Scope of Work for mold removal projects and refer CIH-Certified Industrial Hygienist when and where necessary.

We provide consulting services & network for environmental  inspectors, air duct cleaning companies, cleaning & property and facilities management companies, hotels, schools, daycare, nursing, homes, disaster restoration, mold removal companies, real estate for buyer/seller inspections, new construction and developments & property management.

We offer Education awareness (not certification) for restoration companies, corporate, office, schools, industry, Green and LEED programs for IAQ & energy heat loss. R.E. Brokers and/or sales meetings.

All Phases of Mold Testing & Inspection (We do not remove or remediate mold, therefore we offer an objective viewpoint of your needs with no conflict of interest as an independent indoor environmental consultant. We do provide remediation supervision, scope of site work and oversight upon request.

The purpose of sampling for mold is to help establish whether elevated settled mold spores are present in a home or building environment. The goal of remediation is to remove the mold contamination, clean, treat where necessary and restore affected damaged area of mold to a pre-existing 'condition 1' status as referenced in ANSI/IICRC S520 Mold Remediation.

To find out if there is an inside reservoir, mold colony forming units or source of fungal spores in an area in which human exposure is likely to occur. To determine whether there may be structural damage due to the presence of fungi, moisture or dampness in the suspect mold areas of concern. Mold sampling can help locate the sources of indoor microorganisms and facilitate effective remediation when and where necessary.

Post Remedial Verification Inspection-Testing

The scope of this test is to determine  the mold remediation (removal) process and its removal according to industry standard guidelines of ACGIH, AIHA, IICRC S520 . This inspection includes a thorough visual inspection with mold air sampling , wipes, swabs, bio-tapes if necessary. Our trained technician has advanced certifications to conduct this scope of inspection.  Pre-Testing & Visual Inspections: This test consist of a mold screen and to determine the areas that viable and/or non-viable  air sampling, swab, bio-tape, or bulk sampling in all areas of home or office. We work with the  company and our client to ensure that the goal of mold removal and cleanup are accomplished according to IICRC S520 'Condition 1' status.

Specialize in Real Estate inspections for mold and sources of water intrusions. Being independent consultants we offer an objective viewpoint which helps both the buyer and seller of property because we do not remediate mold. Mold infestation such in the attic roof plywood sheathing due to improper ventilation  and/or no vents, floor joists, black mold caused by roof/flashing  leaks, bathroom  exhaust, moisture, ice damning, fascia board, wood rot/decay, Basement and crawlspace areas. Finding and repairing the source of mold is importnt to a successful remediation project.

Types of sampling methods include:  (ALL PHASES)

  • AIR (spore traps viable & non viable) this helps to assess exposure levels of people in an indoor space and to determine whether spores are traveling and growing throughout the indoor environment. Identification & Enumeration of Fungal spores and mycology.

  • SURFACE: These viable samples taken from surfaces to determine whether or not mold is growing on the surface sampled with direct identification. To determine what kinds of mold are present. surface procedures could be tape, swabbing the suspect surface with a cultural swab, or by analyzing a bulk sample.
  • ON-SITE INSPECTIONS: Is an essential element in all mold investigations. Mold sampling is not a substitute for a thorough visual walk through mold and moisture assessment, gather information,  use of indicator and diagnostic measurements, report findings by a competent trained certified professional.

THERMAL INFRARED IMAGING: A non invasive means of diagnosing the condition of a building or structure. The telezoom lenses provides colored images downloaded on a laptop to see if moisture, water intrusion, hot spots, even rodents. Moisture and extreme temperature change for cool surface can be a source to feed mold growth. Can be utilized for ice dams, roof leaks, plumbing leaks, floods, weatherization Heat Loss Energy temperature differential range such as no insulation behind walls,  floors, attic, ceilings.  

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Breathing in the spores from the air.Tiny spores reproduce and are invisible to the naked eye and float through indoor and outdoor air (these fungi are called fruiting bodies).

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  • Moisture Mapping & Flood Assessment:  Instruments such as Extech Moisture/Hygrometers, Survey Master Moisture Meter,  that detect moisture in the floors, walls, ceilings, carpets, roof plywood sheathing, studs, duct vents, wood, concrete using the latest in technological advancement. 

  • IAQ Indoor Air Quality  Particle Counter : Airborne contamination monitoring and testing for mold issues, test filters, verify clean ducts, IAQ inspection utilizing the Lighthouse 3016 handheld particle counter.  6 Channels from .03 microns to 10 micron in size, mass concentration mode for EPA particulate matter standards.

  • Odor Control:We offer indoor air purification, dehumidification, & odor control. We investigate to attempt to pinpoint the source of the odor olfactory problems and come up with a plan for solutions by a process of elimination. A rule out process helps to identify and determine what testing may be conducted when necessary. You have the option to lease, rent or purchase our high quality products for odor control.
  • Allergen Testing: There are many different contaminants in indoor environments that can cause or aggravate allergies and/or asthma. Dust can contain a multitude of allergens including dust mites, mold spores, and  pet dander. A major reservoir for collecting and holding dust indoors are carpets. We use a vacuum cannister to collect dust samples on carpets, sofas, bedding, etc. to look for dust mites, pet dander, mold spores etc.  Dust mites commonly live in house dust and eat skin cells shed by humans, animals. They thrive in warm humid climates. In most home, bedding, upholstered furniture, and carpeting provide an ideal environment for dust mites. (Note: Not all allergies are mold or pollen related!)
  • Basement Cleanouts and dehumidification as a preventative maintenance plan
  • Some of the above services are referred or networked to outside companies when necessary.

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